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You want to increase the speed of development of your activity?

Give us the accounts management of your company and concentrate fully on the development of your business.

Our expertise :


According to the frequency requested, EUREX is in charge of management and supervision of your accounting. Beyond to the legal obligations, our services guarantee useful information for a better management of your business: identification of opportunity of savings and anticipation of the risks.


As auditors, EUREX examines and checks the compliance of your company's accounts regardless of its legal form. A review report can be established after examination of your accounts. According to the Polish legislation, revisions can be ordinary or restricted in accordance to the size of your company and other conditions.

Increase productivity by improving your business management.

Our expertise in accounting, management and financial performance enables us to advise and optimize the management of your activity. From your accounting data, we realize a personalized analysis of your company, its environment, its processes and its financial flows.

Several parameters are examined according to needs and give rise to the production of various tools:

  • a summary of the essential data of the structure
  • an analysis of its profitability based on objective criteria
  • an exchange with your financial department on strategic choices and their impacts
  • the preparation of budget and business plan
  • the setting up of a personalized and dynamic dashboard
  • a monthly follow-up of any items requiring special attention, both financially and at the ratio level
  • a recommendation from our teams on the situation of your company and our management solutions

These analyzes will allow you to have a 360° view of your company in order to optimize your decision-making process and increase your productivity.

This service is offered in 3 languages (French, Polish or English) and is addressed to the financial and management control departments of companies. Note that the tools and the methodologies are selected in agreement with the client.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an estimate of your needs.