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Enjoy all the advantages of an address in Warsaw, Poland

The EUREX domiciliation service offer having an office in Warsaw, within our offices located 10 minutes from the airport and the city centre.

Our formula is accompanied by a putting at your disposal of a business centre including access to the telephone network, internet and e-mail.

You have a meeting room to receive your visitors and thus strengthen the identity of your business with an address in Poland.

We also provide a complete service for managing your correspondence: receiving, sorting, forwarding, processing your recorded letter. You have a Polish postal address in your name and / or your company name. Your new contact details may appear on your business cards and letterhead paper depending on the duration of your domiciliation agreement.

> More services: We also offer translation services, document scans, partnership searches and storage solutions.

Rigor, responsiveness and discretion are guaranteed.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an estimate of your needs.