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Convert your raw data into useful information for your business performance

Our experts team supports you in the consolidation of your financial data and improves the relevance of your information through multiple analyzes.

The recovery of your data is articulated in different ways according to your needs:

  • independent if the accounting is kept by EUREX or by the client;
  • regardless of the information technology environment and the software used locally;
  • with suitable media, online, by e-mail, or made available on an FTP-type data exchange server.

Our goals:

  • Improve the quality of your data
     • Enable all users of your company to retrieve data in a clear and readable format for quick and efficient decision-making;
     • Secure your reporting thanks to the performance of our process management tool.

  • Optimize the accessibility of your reports
      • Access to your data for downloading on a private FTP;
      • Modify the data generation parameters (period, type of account, tax aspect, inter-company, cost center, etc.);
      • Import and export accounting data to embed-it in a predefined format.

  • Gain intelligence in analyzing and understanding your data
      • Take advantage of our customizable solutions to make reliable and accurate decisions;
      • Immediately view key information.

  • Manage your company's performance (dashboard, analysis, planning)
      • Detecting company data in real time;
      • Budgeting, generating reports, analyzing and monitoring activity;
      • Anticipate together your future projects and needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an estimate of your needs.