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Discover EUREX's commitment as regard patronage

EUREX supports several patronage projects in Poland:

  • Charitable, cultural and artistic associations
  • Foundations for Children
  • Sports Sponsorship

Presentation of some associations supported by EUREX in Poland:

- The charity association MAKI : created in 2008, its mission is to help people with autism and people with intellectual disabilities. It ensures respect for human rights and supports for families.

Strefa Rytmu Foundation: it promotes the traditional cultures of the world by promoting multiculturalism and its richness. It organizes a lot of musical events.

- The theater company Pierogi: it proposes performances in French in Warsaw and throughout Poland.

- The Serce Dziecka Foundation: it works for children with heart defects. Recognized in the public interest in Poland, it promotes knowledge of heart defects, provides assistance to families and promotes cooperation with medical centers.

EUREX is also sponsoring sports projects, such as the Polish Taekwondo champion Monika Nyrc and a rugby team in Warsaw "les Frogs" which is used to playing across Europe.

Monika Nyrć, an outstanding sportswoman!

Monika Nyrć, a 3rd year student at Warsaw Academy of Sports (AWF), is part of the Polish Taekwondo National Team.
She has been practicing Taekwondo since she was 6 years old. Since the beginning of her career, she has held the podium more than 150 times by winning several medals, both nationally and internationally. Most recently, Monika competed at the World Junior Championships held in April 2019, in Germany, and won first place. She also won the women's team world title. 

Congratulations Monika Nyrć (5th from the left) for these incredible sporting performances!